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How to Measure the Performance of Your Buyer’s Journey Funnel

Decoding marketing and sales performance can seem at times like an arcane art. There are plenty of business intelligence platforms that can return buyer behavior metrics. However, translating this raw data into insightful information that drives correct decision-making is much harder. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the ways the buyer journey can…

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Not Able to Get Campaign Details from HubSpot?

Thousands of marketers depend on HubSpot every day for improved automation. In fact, they have captured 32% of marketing automation market share to date. It is truly a fantastic application. I for one have been a user and admirer of HubSpot from an application and business perspective for years. They are an innovative group of…

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Influencing Marketing’s Impact on Revenue Throughout the Customer Journey

There are many marketing metrics to gauge the success of your efforts. Yet, many businesses struggle to reach their revenue goals even with those metrics showing success. Why is that the case? Often, it’s because they are looking at the wrong KPIs or have no visibility into MOFU movement and activities, but customer journey analytics…

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Vertify Launches Its Automated “Better Monday” Marketing Recipes

AUSTIN, Texas, May 16, 2022 — Vertify Inc., a revenue operations intelligence company, announced the release of its Weekly Marketing Recipes powered by RevOptics. This release is a fast follow to the launch of the RevOptics platform in February of 2022 and it continues to separate the RevOptics decision intelligence engine from historic BI technology. …

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How Are Decision Intelligence Platforms Used for Marketing and Sales?

With so many options at the modern marketer’s fingertips – email campaigns, sponsorship, social media posts, content creation, influencer marketing, and more – it’s not surprising that we can sometimes feel paralyzed, not knowing which option is the best for which audience at which time. Decision intelligence is urgently required yet sorely lacking. Most modern…

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How Does Revenue Analytics Help Marketing Managers Make Better Decisions?

Exactly how does revenue analytics help managers make better decisions? The answer to this question should be clearcut and obvious. However, there seems to be a gap between what revenue leaders want from their analytics versus what they actually get. There’s a growing conversation on the gaps that constantly emerge when revenue leaders search across…

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What Is Buyer Journey Mapping?

In general, buyer journey mapping is a way to visualize and analyze a customer’s potential interactions and decision points. It’s done using an analytics tool that gathers customer data as they travel across channels, touchpoints, and systems to achieve a business goal. The goals can vary. The customer might buy something, sign up for a…

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Are There Any Tools that Provide Full Funnel Analytics?

Full funnel analytics evaluates the business impact of all the activities put in place to convert and handle a customer. It integrates marketing, sales, customer service, operations, revenue, and finance for a complete look at how effective your strategies are. This is in stark contrast to the isolated approach usually taken where funnels and activities…

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Benefits Product Launch: Welcome to a Better Monday

So, it’s Monday morning, and as a marketer, you’re wondering what needs to be done. Send emails? Create a poll? Optimize your newsletter? Push out more blog content?  What are you going to do today to win?  For most marketers, it is either a shot in the dark, a gut feeling or a standard protocol…

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2 Steps to Using Predictive Sales Analytics for More Accurate Forecasting

Data Quality + Data Science = Faster Time to Revenue Did you read our recent blog about improving your time to revenue? If not, we strongly recommend you stop here and read it to give this article about predictive sales analytics more context. Understanding the importance of creating a faster and more predictable time to revenue…

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