Product Launch: Welcome to a Better Monday


So, it’s Monday morning, and as a marketer, you’re wondering what needs to be done. Send emails? Create a poll? Optimize your newsletter? Push out more blog content? 

What are you going to do today to win? 

For most marketers, it is either a shot in the dark, a gut feeling or a standard protocol based on what’s been done before. 

But if you want to focus on high-value efforts that actually impact revenue, you need better data.

And historically, that is where everything seemed to fall apart with complicated attribution models or BI tools, spreadsheets, and/or any so-called analytics solution you’ve used before.

This is why RevOptics was born, and here is our RevOptics origin story…

Why RevOptics?

After working in marketing for over a decade, I was sick and tired of dealing with the same challenges with no real solution. There were a lot of products and salespeople calling me every day to sell me the next best attribution tool, but no real solution. In addition, the challenges were seemingly getting worse with each passing day and each manual data dump. 

Wayne Lopez and I wanted to do something. It led us down a path of learning from other marketing and revenue professionals. And thus the launch of RevOptics. 

RevOptics was not birthed in a silo. Today our release of RevOptics is the culmination of years of data collection. It is the result of countless hours of conversations with other revenue professionals. It is a passion project that turned into a groundbreaking new approach to how marketers start their week. 

If you are a marketing director or manager, or a marketing operations, marketing analytics or demand generation professional, stick with me. I think you will want to hear what we have to say and learn more about our release of 

Let the journey begin.

What Is RevOptics and What Problem Does It Solve?

RevOptics is the marketer’s Easy Button. And it’s going to make you look really good.

But, what does that really mean?

With RevOptics, you get reliable insights and a precise “recipe” for success, delivered to your desk every week. 

You’ll spend less time digging for and analyzing data and more time executing strategies that move buyers faster through the funnel so you can drive faster time to revenue impact.

RevOptics helps marketers focus daily on the audience and actions that have a direct impact on revenue. 

Spreadsheets, pivot tables and BI tools are complicated and they only show how marketing campaigns are performing. RevOptics Automated Analytics goes further to show you why or why not they’re making a revenue impact and what action to take next to move your buyer through the entire revenue funnel faster.  

The Specifics Around What is Being Released Today

  • Automated answers that:
    • Decode ideal prospects to target and precisely how to do it
    • Eliminate spreadsheets and reports in real-time
    • Empower confident adjustments and the ability to defend marketing budgets
    • Deliver reports you can trust to make critical business decisions 
    • Improve marketing and sales alignment
  • Buyer’s Journey Funnel that:
    • Decodes funnel conversion rates
    • Diagnoses where leads are stuck and what to do to unstick
    • Starts to identify the optimal buyer’s journey to speed time to revenue impact based on what the funnel is telling you
  • Marketing Impact Analytics that:
    • Demystify complicated marketing attribution
    • Prove your activity and campaign impact on actual revenue
    • Allow you to adjust and defend your budgets and activities

Results. RevOptics Is Not Just Another Marketing Tool.

The release of RevOptics into the wild has been in the works for years. We were able to get it in the hands of early beta testers and run it through the ringer before we went live. 

Does that mean it is perfect today? Does it mean that today it has all the bells and whistles that it will ultimately have which will make it the best and most comprehensive revenue generating platform you have ever used? No. 

But, it does mean what exists today has been tested and has proven to offer significant value to the end user. Users unanimously agree it is different from any other solution in the market, and that other marketers are hungry for the benefits it provides. It is the start of something special.

Our beta results speak for themselves.

We have multiple customer stories that call out the benefits of using the initial version of RevOptics. Some point to new customers and revenue generated. Others point to significant time savings. 

And others like Jessica at the tech company above started using RevOptics and reported saving significant marketing budget that was on the chopping block. RevOptics’ ability to report on campaign ROI at a granular level was the ticket to Jessica’s success.

“Vertify, they’ve made me a hero,” said Jessica, “I am now able to easily demonstrate exactly how our marketing efforts are leading to actual revenue.”

Start Today but Look Towards the Future.

With this release, the benefits of becoming an early adopter are endless. 

I remember a time at my previous company when I became an early adopter of a little known technology called Hubspot. I started for free and used that free solution for quite some time before eventually upgrading for a modest annual subscription rate. And now that Hubspot is a household name and the solution is extremely robust, I am paying significantly more to use the platform today. 

The point being, I was an early adopter, which allowed me to get my pain points on the product roadmap. I felt like I was a part of the product development life cycle. They listened and built a solution that worked for me at the time and scaled with me as they innovated. The users truly built the Hubspot machine

We are where Hubspot was in the early days. We are releasing a new, trailblazing product today that will grow and establish its rightful place in the market. There is no better time to get on board as a user. 

We are looking for users to…

  • Help us innovate.
  • Enable us to build a world class customer/user driven machine.
  • Empower our teams to move quickly and to meet the demands of today’s revenue teams. 

What you get from us…

  • A dedication to listen to your needs and take every request into consideration.
  • The ability to trust that with each release of RevOptics functionality, you will be able to automate more and have more direction as to what to do next.
  • A scalable solution out of the gate that is only going to expand and at a fraction of the future cost.
  • A commitment to develop a pricing structure that allows you to get onboard and stay onboard at an extreme discount.

We benefit when you benefit, and our product team is driven by that concept. 

They listen!! 

Novel idea right?

Not to go all technical on you, but there are many feature-specific things to look forward to with RevOptics. I am sure you will want to know where we are headed. 

Upcoming feature releases (0-12 months): 

  • Ideal industry targets to know exactly who to target and when based on data science.
  • Diagnostics around where leads are stuck in the funnel and what actions to take to move them forward.
  • Next Best Actions for each stage of the funnel.
  • “Welcome to a Better Monday” report that clearly lays out your best recipe for the week.
  • “Buyer’s Journey Happy Path to Revenue” to know, by product, which campaigns and activities result in the more effective path to revenue. 

Get started today!

As you can tell, this labor of love has been a long time in the making, and we are thrilled to be finally bringing it to market. We are even more excited to start working with smart marketers who are looking for new ways to grow as they easily justify their value to the business. 

If you are a marketer who believes the true measure of marketing success is how your activities are impacting revenue, then we want to work with you. If you are a marketer who still thinks MQL creation is the ultimate measure of success, then let’s have a conversation to discuss the extreme importance of revenue impact. It will change the impact you have on your company. 

We are making it very easy to get on board. Sign up here, and let us do the work to get the ball rolling. Below, you will see a description of what to expect in the coming days. The first 30 days are completely free. Our Vertify team will work alongside you to make sure you get the most out of RevOptics. Remember, with RevOptics, we do all the heavy lifting for you. You simply benefit from automation. 

Let’s work together to change the future of marketing. Let’s create a better Monday!

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