Generate Faster Time to Revenue Impact with RevOptics. Know where to focus, what to do and when to do it automatically.

Having things delivered is nice, isn't it? No effort. All convenience.

Vertify took that concept to create RevOptics, the recipe for success for marketers who want reliable decision intelligence to their desks every week.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Decision Intelligence

If only you could have a crystal ball to tell you where to invest your time and budget and what the next best actions are instead of winging it each week. Oh, wait. You do.

RevOptics isn't magic, but it does use science to show you:

  • Which opportunities to prioritize so you don’t waste resources
  • The most effective activities to move buyers through the funnel faster
  • How to identify the optimal buyer’s journey to speed time to revenue impact
  • Where to adjust marketing budgets
  • Who and how to target to bring more value to the business
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RevOptics helps you keep your pipeline clean, get more conversions, and create better alignment.

Data Diagnostics

Data Diagnostics

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Not all data is good data. In fact, bad data can be downright dangerous. For example, when you're calculating win rate, you have to have trustworthy lead source data. BI doesn't tell you where you are missing lead source data or how to fix it. That's a problem.

Don't worry. RevOptics does both. Learn how and where your data is messed up and fix it:

  • Duplicates
  • Incomplete data
  • Inaccurate data
  • Missing data
  • Inconsistent data

RevOptics helps you identify issues and clean up or remove bad data so you can trust it and use it with confidence.


Automated Analytics

Getting customer data out of multiple systems to see the full funnel from first to last touch is often a massive hassle and anything but comprehensive. Things get missed.

RevOptics works out of the box, pulling data from Hubspot and Salesforce, for example, and within 48 hours of activation, you have analytics you can use immediately. Once up and running, new data is delivered daily.

  • Get a full-funnel view with lead sources within each stage
  • See which marketing activities are impacting revenue
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and report in real-time
  • Trust reporting to make critical business decisions
  • Improve marketing and sales alignment
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RevOptics automates data connection from various sources and delivers analytics to make your life a whole lot easier.

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RevOptics Use Cases

Using Marketing Personas to Improve Your Segmentation

Using Marketing Personas to Improve Your Segmentation

Three Steps to Optimize Your Lead Sources

Three Steps to Optimize Your Lead Sources

How to Build Personalization Paths in Marketing

How to Build Personalization Paths in Marketing

Three Steps to Personalize Your Website for Better Conversions

Three Steps to Personalize Your Website for Better Conversions

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