Forget Attribution. Understand Revenue Impact.

Only RevOptics automatically connects marketing & sales data with rich analytics to reveal what marketing efforts are making an impact on revenue, which aren’t, and what to do next.

Get a Recipe for Marketing Success Delivered to Your Desk Weekly

What if you could spend less time gathering data from different sources and looking at attribution spreadsheets or a bulky BI tool just to know if you’re having an impact on revenue? What if the ingredients you needed to target the right audience at the right time with the right messaging on the right channel was at your fingertips when you walked in the door on Monday?

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Welcome to RevOptics Automated Analytics.

RevOptics RevOptics serves up what to prioritize today that will drive results this week, month, and quarter.

Bon appetit.

What Is RevOptics Automated Analytics?

Spreadsheets, pivot tables and BI tools are complicated, yet they only show how marketing campaigns have performed. The RevOptics Decision Engine goes further to show you why or why not they’re making a revenue impact and what action to take next to move your buyer through the sales funnel faster.

  • Automatically connect the dots between your CRM and MAP apps to see the complete buyer picture
  • Gain a full-funnel and granular view of your marketing performance per product, lead source, industry, geography and job title
  • Receive prescriptive, actionable, data-backed insights
  • Drive faster ROI to become a marketing leader
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What does RevOptics have that other tools don’t?


Automated Analytics

Automated setup within hours and automated real time reporting to get you out of spreadsheet chaos.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive and Prescriptive Decision Intelligence

Next best actions are based on past and real-time data, not protocol or gut feeling.

Data Diagnostics

Data Diagnostics

Machine learning finds problems with data including missing data, anomalies, or bad data.

Benefits of RevOptics

Marketers who start their week with RevOptics can:


Marketers Who Love RevOptics

Tremendous time-saver

We’re no longer spending six hours a week doing the tedious task of analyzing and organizing our data. With Vertify’s help, we can now get that done in 30 minutes a week, which means that I’ve got five and a half hours back to devote to other projects.

Kevin Keefe

Marketing Manager CADimensions

Ultimate integral partner

Ultimately we chose Vertify for its ease of use and their white glove onboarding process and service. Vertify is more than another puzzle piece in our tech stack. They are an integral partner of our revenue and data governance team.

Joshua Wesley

Head of Market Development, Eagle Eye Networks

Marketers can be heros!

Vertify, they’ve made me a hero. I am now able to easily demonstrate exactly how our marketing efforts are leading to actual revenue.

Jessica Skorut

Marketing Manager

Make the Most of Marketo

Vertify helped us get the most out of Marketo. The power of having Marketo and NetSuite connected has been a game changer. Sales has real-time visibility into customers’ and prospects’ web activities and their responses to marketing campaigns.

Lindsey P.

Digital Marketing Manager

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