Benefits Product Launch: Welcome to a Better Monday

So, it’s Monday morning, and as a marketer, you’re wondering what needs to be done. Send emails? Create a poll? Optimize your newsletter? Push out more blog content?  What are you going to do today to win?  For most marketers, it is either a shot in the dark, a gut feeling or a standard protocol…

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Feature Launch – Pivot by Lead Source

Introducing Lead Source Analytics Today, we are announcing the launch of a new feature: Pivot by Lead Source. It’s the second automated pivot in Marketing Impact Analytics but received the highest demand amongst our users. We believe it’s going to be revolutionary for companies grappling with questions around where to invest their marketing dollars next.…

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Announcing ICP Analytics

Personalized experiences are taking over the world. The number of interactions that take place both physically and virtually is compounding exponentially. We think of personalization as a long-standing thing but it’s only in its infancy. For those willing to visualize a new way to relate person to person, or organization to organization, the outlook is…

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