Not Able to Get Campaign Details from HubSpot?

man Not being Able to Get Campaign Details from HubSpot

Thousands of marketers depend on HubSpot every day for improved automation. In fact, they have captured 32% of marketing automation market share to date. It is truly a fantastic application. I for one have been a user and admirer of HubSpot from an application and business perspective for years. They are an innovative group of people with a world-class application that is built by intelligent technologists and marketers, but every app has its gaps or challenges. 

At any given moment, every app is not the best version of what it will be in 12 months or three years. No matter how good the app, nobody has everything buttoned up. As technologists, we are always trying to stay ahead of the market’s demands through continual innovation and improvement. 

As a marketer that uses HubSpot, I like the reporting that HubSpot provides in the app, but it isn’t perfect. Have you ever wanted to report on or generate revenue-impacting intelligence on campaigns outside of HubSpot? Sure you have. 

Every marketer knows that you really can’t rely solely on HubSpot reporting capabilities to drive the direction of your marketing mix, so you must supplement with purpose-built decision intelligence apps that drive next actions and better data quality to move the needle where HubSpot reporting falls short. 

But that has been easier said than done. Marketing campaign data and ad data can’t be retrieved via the public HubSpot APIs. This inability poses a problem for marketers who want to report with accuracy, better understand the optimal buyer’s journey, drive next best actions, and enhance the impact on revenue through their marketing activities. 

All is not lost, however. You must work with a smart Decision Intelligence Platform like RevOptics, one that is on the cutting edge of getting the most out of what the HubSpot API currently has to offer. In addition, RevOptics is working closely with HubSpot to layer in the latest API revisions into its reporting capabilities to enhance all the great functionality that HubSpot offers its customers. 

Let’s explore where you should start with RevOptics to understand which assets are impacting revenue and which are not. We can then explore how you can use RevOptics to roll these assets up to a campaign to improve your campaign and asset mix as it relates to your revenue generation. 

It is a crawl-walk-run approach, but it is sustainable and can have the biggest impact on your marketing growth since the invention of new-age demand generation tactics. 

Where Do You Start? 

At this time, neither marketing campaign data nor ads data can be retrieved via the public HubSpot APIs, according to HubSpot. Instead, start with Assets in HubSpot.

What assets are a part of your marketing mix? Speaking from experience, the vast majority of our customers are using ad campaigns, blog posts, emails, forms, landing pages, and static lists. More often than not, our customers are struggling to report on these assets. More specifically, they can’t see how each of these assets is actually impacting their revenue. This is where RevOptics changes the game. 

RevOptics extracts all relevant asset data from your HubSpot instance, capturing whether your marketing team is capitalizing on all of these assets or only a few. Within 48 hours of your original sync, all of this asset information is recorded in RevOptics, representing a significant time to value. 

Why is all of this important? Perhaps I need to expand on the outcomes you can expect from RevOptics when it comes to asset revenue impact. 

RevOptics Asset Impact Reporting

Marketing leaders and teams must understand how their actions are impacting revenue. After all, if you are generating leads that are not converting, you have a problem. Marketers really have one thing they must do: impact revenue with their actions. Sure, marketing teams can impact brand identity, culture, and relationships, but if they are not helping grow the company, you likely do not have a company. Or at the very least, you have no need for a marketing team if you are growing revenue without the contributions of modern marketing.  

Awareness is the first step toward improvement. Therefore, RevOptics starts with this same premise. We give you the ability to see how your assets are impacting revenue. 

For instance, in the screenshot below, you will see a list of assets. These assets will vary from customer to customer based on your business and marketing process, but this example captures a common scenario where this customer is using email, form fills etc… 

Now, let’s go one step further. The screen below illustrates how RevOptics allows you to then drill down into each asset to see how those assets are impacting revenue by product. In this example, we are segmenting by products and asset types. 

If you are a marketer that sells multiple products, you can drill down into a specific product to see how your assets are impacting that specific product. Of course, not every product sells on the same timeline to the same buyer or at the same price point.  In this example, the Form Fill asset has generated $28K+ in revenue. But, with the drill-down capabilities, we can see which products are benefiting the most from the Form Fill asset. It seems like Widget J is killing it when it comes to form fills. Maybe you should feed that beast! 

So imagine a world where you can see which assets are performing best across your product lines. This insight gives you the ability to point specific assets at revenue generation for specific products while optimizing the ones that are underperforming through experimentation or asset sequencing within the campaign. For instance, in the circumstance illustrated above, I was able to uncover that Widget B was underperforming with form fills but engaging at a high rate with clicks through our Blogs. Therefore, more educational blog content with simpler form fills was able to influence a higher revenue for Widget B. 

With this Asset-level insight, marketers are able to drill down and truly start to influence revenue and optimize time and budgets based on this knowledge. This is why we start here with all of our customers. If you, the marketer, start here then you will be able to capitalize on the next phase of your RevOptics optimization, rolling up at the campaign level. 

When Will HubSpot Give You the Ability to Pull Campaign-Level Data?

In short, I do not know. None of us know, but we do not have to wait for that to generate insights that move the needle. We are partners of HubSpot and talk to them weekly about this challenge our customers are facing. They have assured us that this functionality is coming. 

When this functionality hits the market, you will be able to roll this asset activity to the campaign level and start to optimize at the campaign level as well. But you are a smart marketer, right? So, RevOptics is now working to give you the ability to recreate the Campaign-level details in RevOptics itself so that you can roll up your asset reporting into these specific campaigns. No, it is not automated, but it is a start. 

Beginning with Assets is the first step. You don’t start running a marathon without first training for months, stretching, hydrating, and preparing your mind for the battle to come. As a marathon athlete, you think about the finish line, and you look at it from a distance, but you focus on the next step in your preparation path. Once you achieve that step, you take the next one and so on. 

Getting the most out of your HubSpot reporting and marketing mix can be looked at in the same light. Dream and visualize where you will be when all of this data is accessible, but start with the first step in your revenue reporting and optimization marathon. Then, move one step at a time with RevOptics. 

What Else Can You Do to Optimize While Awaiting This Additional Functionality?

Great question! RevOptics does a variety of things out of the box that HubSpot reporting or other BI and Analytics platforms do not. With the first-party data that you already have, RevOptics can immediately give you key actions and insights to drive growth and automation. Here are just a couple: 

  1. Understanding where your data is missing, bad, or unclean, is a huge problem for marketers. I am a child of the ’80s, therefore to quote GI Joe, “Knowing is half the battle.” Most marketers know that their data is not 100% clean, but they do not know where to look to find this unclean data, much less take action on fixing it. RevOptics identifies data that is missing key information or that is simply wrong. It constantly scans your data while you are working or sleeping and informs you through callouts in the app so that you know what needs attention. The RevOptics diagnostic is purpose-built to only look at data that influences what you do as a marketer. So, if you are missing industry information that could influence who and how you are targeting the market, or if you are missing key contact information that could influence how assets are performing, it lets you know. It can even take this a step further and help you fix the underlying data problems directly from the RevOptics app. Cool huh?
  1. Knowing which assets to use at different stages of the buying process is a black hole for most marketers. The fact of the matter is every marketer, whether a B2B marketer or a B2C marketer, would love a CDP (Customer Data Platform). These platforms help build profiles for each customer. They help you see exactly how these customers are engaging with your brand and give you enough information to better align your marketing practices to target and influence revenue. But CDPs are out of reach for all SMBs and Mid-Market businesses and most emerging Enterprise companies as well. With a price tag of over $250K a year, the need for a data team in-house, and the patience required for a 9-month implementation, a CDP is an inaccessible option for many. 

So, if you want a CDP you can afford and achieve a rapid time to value, look no further than RevOptics. RevOptics is your cost-effective CDP. Allow RevOptics to examine all your customer data and help you optimize your buyer’s path with next actions that are learning from specific buyer profiles. RevOptics builds profiles on the backend, helps you to target the right prospects, and then helps you optimize your prospects’ time to revenue conversion as it learns from these profiles and prescribes marketing’s next best actions through each stage of the funnel. Who wouldn’t want to kick this off?

Final Thoughts

The moral of the story is that HubSpot is an amazing rocketship. Every rocket ship has a few things that break from time to time or that don’t really live up to what they will be 12 months from now. But that rocketship can still get you to space and perhaps even to the moon. We have all watched Apollo 13! 

Embrace the amazing things that HubSpot offers today and work with a partner like Vertify and our RevOptics solution to get the most out of HubSpot. And, in time, while working with RevOptics and HubSpot you can optimize your insights as more access and functionality are granted. 

Crawl. Walk. Run. Trust me, you will be running in no time! 

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