Vertify Launches Its Automated “Better Monday” Marketing Recipes

AUSTIN, Texas, May 16, 2022 — Vertify Inc., a revenue operations intelligence company, announced the release of its Weekly Marketing Recipes powered by RevOptics. This release is a fast follow to the launch of the RevOptics platform in February of 2022 and it continues to separate the RevOptics decision intelligence engine from historic BI technology. 

Next action answers have been the holy grail for marketers for years. Until now, savvy marketers lacked a solution that delivered trustworthy, next action intelligence. With the growth of data and the bloat of marketing technology, the hope for a decision engine that could drive direction for planning, budgets, and revenue growth had become even harder to grasp. The introduction of RevOptics and now the added value with its Weekly Marketing Recipes have shifted the outlook for marketers.

“The delivery of our Weekly Marketing Recipies was driven by our customers,” said Wayne Lopez, chief product officer at Vertify. “Our vision was to build a decision engine, but it was our amazing customers that helped us mold and shape a decision engine that they could trust. The Weekly Marketing Recipes are purpose-built to deliver what we call a “Better Monday” with weekly recipes that empower marketing teams to plan and budget better so that they can generate more revenue for their companies. These Weekly Marketing Recipes, in true product-led growth fashion, give marketing teams of any size and on any budget an automated next action goldmine every Monday.”

The RevOptics Weekly Marketing Recipes are delivered to the desk of information-hungry marketers every Monday morning with the purpose of helping drive strategic initiatives. The brief delivers 3+ recipes and one data diagnostic every week. Recipes include actions around top-performing lead sources, optimal targets to focus on, and buyers’ journey funnel performance. The report is 100% automated.

“I have spent months talking with our customers and prospects about recipes and actions that they need to do their jobs better and drive more growth for their firms,” said Brandon Bruce, director of customer success at Vertify. “These sessions have been highly rewarding for me. I have been able to better understand what makes our customers lose sleep at night. I am proud to say that with the release of RevOptics and the added value of our Weekly Marketing Recipes, our customers will get peace of mind that we have their backs and are working hard to make sure they get a solution that actually delivers on our promise.”

Today, users can trial the Weekly Marketing Recipes for 30 days for free. With realized value, they can then continue receiving the report every Monday for $50 a month moving forward.

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