Revenue Operations Intelligence: Drilling Down into Marketing Impact

Selection Of Drills

The energy put into demand gen and campaigns doesn’t add up to a lot if you don’t have a good mix of inbound and outbound activity

If you’ve been utilizing spreadsheets to understand some of your key marketing metrics, that’s a good start. 

However, you need to ask yourself if you’re digging deep enough to get actual insights about lead performance and attribution? Perhaps you’re not, and could be omitting a lot of key data that would actually allow you to adjust and optimize your marketing efforts. Or, perhaps you don’t have the requisite access to your CRM and we all know how painful it is for marketers to get a CRM license. Even if you had a CRM license, are you sure you want to mess around in what can be a sales tool jungle? You can make a huge impact with subsequent marketing investments by actually seeing key CRM and marketing data at a granular level that shows how lead source, industry and titles tie to revenue.

It’s been almost a year since we launched RevOptics. Since then, we’ve listened, learned, adapted and made a ton of improvements while being 100% customer driven. Today, we’re excited to announce that our #1 most requested feature in 2021 is live: Marketing Impact Drill Downs.

Uncover insights that will undoubtedly increase the impact of future marketing efforts by drilling into three key signals.

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Lead Source

It’s fantastic to see opportunities that turn into actual revenue, but honing in on key Lead Sources is what will propel the ongoing growth of your company.

Take a deeper look not just at where your closed/won opportunities come from, but explicitly where actual revenue is being driven by a specific Lead Source. If your revenue is only being generated from a small number of places and you need a higher volume of leads, broaden your lead generation campaigns to utilize additional channels. Later, evaluate new Lead Sources to determine how they actually convert.

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Identifying which industries are contributing to revenue can provide visibility into how impactful your target market campaigns are. If the revenue you attain is only coming from a single industry or sub-industry, then your company targets may need diversification.

You can assess the efficacy of your top 3 industries in the Top Lead Gen by Industry section, or drill into the Automated Pivots for Product and Lead Source contribution to revenue.

When drilling down into the data, you’ll achieve real insights that answer how well your programs and campaigns are aligned with content, language, and understanding of the markets you serve. If you find that revenue can’t be attributed to industries you’re targeting, it warrants revisiting those industries and the marketing activities you’re using to target them.

Roles, Personas and Titles

Under the opportunity name section within the drill down, you can get a segmented snapshot of which contacts are contributing to revenue. Digging even further and you can see the titles of those contacts. When doing this, you can get visibility into which titles are important and are resonating with campaigns and directly correlate to revenue.

The titles that show up more often are likely those that not only resonate with your marketing activities but are also highly engaged. To increase revenue, you may want to pour additional resources into targeting those contacts that lead to the most revenue. SImultaneously, utilizing the ability to drill down into this level of granularity can also help reduce time to revenue. For example, you can determine which title combined with specific lead sources are the most efficient.

Don’t stop with the obvious contacts, either. Establish a presence with personas and roles that might offer higher average contract values or average selling price.

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With thousands of marketers pleading to stay out of the CRM but desperately needing the data in it, the Drill Down gives us the pleasure of helping more marketing teams achieve faster time to revenue and validating what they’re doing is working with the sales team, and revenue leadership. We’re thrilled to offer this capability and this is just the beginning. If you want to learn more about this feature and try it out, take it for a test drive! 

For additional suggestions on validating marketing impact, check out The Top 5 Reasons Users Prefer Vertify’s RevOptics over Spreadsheets, a primer that covers every facet of the topic. 

Invest in the resources to uncover the pathways through which campaign effectiveness can be achieved with analytics. Drilling down through this info will help keep your marketing activities fresh, your marketing ROI high and improve your Go To Market Operations efficiency. Request a demo now.

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